Year 2018

From 31th of July untill the 2nd of Ugust, Mr. Sotheo,Flow Executive Director, with some guests from Phnom Penh came to visit our kids in Flow, Banlung. Our guest shared some kind of games to make them happy such as game of dancing, jumb on the prints,

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Finally we would like thank for the visit giive us closer and happyness .


In the recents days the climates is changed  around the world is  hotter and hotter. And this also cause a bad affection to the children health

So on the 28t of May our school was donated by Pheakna's store and the family the ceiling fans of 15 sets to reduce the hot in the classrooms. 


So we would like to thank her for this and wish her  and family good health and get success in her business.


On March 5, 2019 the donors of both school, Dr. and Mrs. Kawasaki, Mr. Rick, Mr. Sato-san arrived in Banlung to visit the students at Vogel school. After greeting by the teachers and Students, they went into each class to see how of the students’ studying. 

But early in the morng of 5 Dr. Kawasaki also share a knowladge of how to make motor to the students. We all worked so hard on how to install the motor but however some of the students could do it better. Japan is one of famous country for electronic that a poor country like Cambodia should learn from what we should have today. At the end of this event we were so happy with this event. 

The same day in the after they also brought some books and pens for the students and we had cheerful time together.

More than that, in the special evening we also  had dinner together at Mr. Sovann's house and talk something fun through nice atmosphere.


Finally he asked about the children study and let them study hard to get success in their life.

Jesus Christ was born in December 25, so one ceremony was celebrated to remind his birth every year , called Christmas day.

During this day, the teachers and the students at The Ezra Vogel school also participated to join themselves in this celebration every year.
We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year and other song was sung by the students of Vogel school to bless to the people in the whole world.

The snack and drinks was prepared for participants after the games finished. They all joined themselves happily.


The popular game we played in this time such as:

1- Run in the rice bag

The competitors need to put their legs into the bag and then we give them the signal to run one round. If someone could reach to the goal first, he will win the game


2- Breaking balloons game

It is a kind of games which popular among the children very much. It is played during a happy new year or in any other events. Two partner use their buttock to break the balloon between them. If any parter could break first , then they will win. And the end of the party we also had a gift exchanged for them. By the way it show that they are kind to each other.


Thanks for your join and watching our web page!

The students come back to school after a long vacation for a month and half . Our school is registering new students from 10nd until 30th October and arrange old student list. After that both new and old students have been cleaning around the school yard and in classrooms. And they are going to go into their own class and start study on the 1st of November ahead. They are very happy for their new year study. 


 Finally, we hope that all the students will be study hard together.


In April 30, 2018 Mr. Harry, Movie film festival supporter for both school every year, visited at Vogel in Banlung and Rainbow Kawasaki  school at O’sinlar.

In this visiting Mr. Hrry and Mr. Nigel brought with some gifts for the teachers and kids such as: bags, dictionary, hot water containers, staplers, notebooks, pens, candy...and he also spent some time to play game with the kids and gave some good advise to all the kids to study hard.

Finally we would like give our thanks to Mr. Harry, the STEPs and all the donnors that alway help us for our kids to be a better future.

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