Year 2014


Jesus Christ was born in December 25, so one ceremony was celebrated to remind his birth every year , called Christmas day.
During this day, the teachers and the students at The Ezra Vogel school also participated to join themselves in this celebration every year.
We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year and other song was sung by the students of Vogel school to bless to the people in the whole world.

The Ezra Vogel Special Skills school is one school in Ratanakiri province that teaches the students the skills. We have taught the students some skills such as, lightly electronic repairing or producing, English, computer, painting etc.
Picture is a subject which the students enjoy very much. We let the student to paint both on the computer and paper for yearly competition.


The popular game we played in this time such as:

 1- Breaking the mud jar

How to play this game, first a scarf was covered on the participant’s face. She needed to walk toward three steps to the jar above her after her body rounded three times by someone.
In the jar they could put in perfume powder, candy or anything else that might make the children happy. If she could break that jar successfully, she would get the prize.


2- Run in the rice bag

The competitors need to put their legs into the bag and then we give them the signal to run one round. If someone could reach to the goal first, he will win the game


The snack and drinks was prepared for participants after the games finished. They all joined themselves happily.

God teaches his followers to act in a good way, He also likes happiness. Every weekend he let the people sing, dance and learn Bible after they free from the work because this make us a long life too.

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On Saturday and Sunday 20-21 December 2014, the teachers of Vogel and Rainbow Kawasaki schools coordinated with BarCamp Cambodia (not mani BarCamp) to cause knowledge sharing event at Build Bright university in Ratanakiri.


BarCamp Cambodia is a set of events that bring together IT professionals, innovators, businesses, NGOs and students to network, create synergies and catch up the state-of-the-art of technology.

In that events, there are many people come from different NGOs to join that short cause especially the students. And they looked very interesting to all topics. More then that, They hope Barcamp will happen again for the next years.

Please watching some photos as slide show:


The students come back to school after a long vacation of three months. Our school is registering new students from 2nd until 30th October and arrange old student list. After that both new and old students clean around the school yard and in classrooms. They are very happy for their new year study. 


 Finally, we hope that all the students will be study hard together.


On 21th of August Google brought some more street view of provinces and towns in Cambodia on  Google Maps after it was shown at its first time on 21st April. So on 1st September we shared this event to our kids that they had never been to visit those sites directly. They felt happy and surprise with the views in different sites of Cambodia after their teachers showed them.

IMG 0011IMG 0012 IMG 0029

We hope that the kids will get some knowledge, happiness etc. via our introduction and we also hope they will bring this event to their families and friends.

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In the morning of August 13, 2014 we just taught the kids how to connect another kind of switch with one plug.

The switch is using to control a lamp, beside that it has a 2 pins plug, that is useful.

There are materials like: screwdriver, electrical wire, tape, plastic board, domino, switch, simple light, LED light etc.


After we showed this to the kids, we controlled them to practiced it by themselves one by one.

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On Sunday 22nd June 2014, the teachers of Vogel coordinated with BarCamp Cambodia to cause knowledge sharing event at Build Bright university in Ratanakiri.

BarCamp Cambodia is a set of events that bring together IT professionals, innovators, businesses, NGOs and students to network, create synergies and catch up the state-of-the-art of technology.


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Vogel Special Skills school is one school which teaches the kids the skills. We always  teach or let them do good activities that are useful for growing of their body and cleverness. They usually play football, jump ropes, slow bicycle racing, breaking mud jar etc, especially in their break time

And lately, after some game tools like yo-yo which was distributed by Mr. Kawasaki and Japanese teachers to them, they had been playing with their classmate happily in school yard.


Please watch our kids playing these games.  


On the after of May 17, 2014 Dr. Kawasaki and Japanese teachers came to Vogel school and FLOW after they visited at Rainbow Kawasaki school. He distributed game tools to our kids. As it was a short holiday, so they did not have chance to play with our kids. They taught the teachers to know how play and to share this to them. At the same time Dr. Kawasaki shared more knowlegde of basic scince class to the teachers so that they could teach the kids next time. 


We just opened a basic science class to share simple knowledge to the kids 2 days/month.

In our daily life we need to know how to connect the switch to the light, know how to replace the broken light.
In the morning of April 24th, 2014 we taught the kids how to connected the light. There are materials like: screwdriver, electrical wire, tape, plastic board, domino,switch, simple light, LED light etc

1 2 3
We showed this to them and told them that this is a dangerous thing, but we can avoid from electrical sock by being carefully. After that they practiced it by themselves one by one.

When we turn on the light getting shine and the kids feel excited that they could get a new knowledge.
 They are interested with this work very much. 

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After 2 weeks of vocation for Khmer New Year, the students returned to school as usual on 21st April. What made them surprise was when they were shown by their teachers to watch many of temples,tourism sites, especially Street View of Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap province through Street View on Google Maps . All the students, especially ethnic minority students in Ratanakiry province feel that they go there even though they never go to visit all those temples directly. 








Up to this 21st April, street view available in Ratanakiri:

We hope that Google will bring more sites of Ratanakiri province to Street View, as well as to the world. especially we want to show Yeak Laom Lake and other Waterfall Sites.


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On February 28, 2014 Mrs. Kawasaki Kayoko accompanied by Japanese students with some gifts like books, footballs, arrived in Banlung to visit the students at Vogel school. After greeting by the teachers and Students, they went into each class to see how of the students’ studying. At the same time as the teacher was teaching the students, Japanese students asked the questions about teaching methodology which the teachers in Cambodia are using to teach the students every day. By the way they want to get experiences in teaching as all of them will be the teachers for primary school very soon.

After they all came around the students in each room, they played games with our students.

Then they had a meeting with us about the cutler of living and studying of the students, especially on ethnic minority students that studying at our school. They found out a lot of information about students' difficulty and others through the school principal reporting directly. They felt surprised to what our school happening.

In the evening of March 1, Mr. Rick Dyck, Mrs. Kawasaki Kayoko and Japanese students went on to visit at FlOW. They walked around to see the new building, slopes, trees etc.


Finally he asked about the children study and let them study hard to get success in their life.

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On 15th February 2014 the children and the staff of Future light orphanage worlmate (FLOW) has joined in lady Nget Maly ‘visiting at SOS organization in Kachang village Ratanakiri.

FlOw as well as other organizations got a bag of rice, bean sourse, sugar and some other things.The children and staff also got some gift. We would like to give our deeply thanks to lady Nget Maly as well as oversea organizations which always care of living lives of our Cambodian children.

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