Year 2016

Decoration is a part of the room.  It help students in many ways,    They are able to use them  like tools in the classroom.decoration in classroom 4

Be attractive to the kids, which they think that it is like their happy place, their home or somewhere else in their dream.

In a room if there is nothing in it like we are living in the sky without moon and stars.

So we will try our best to do what we can do to make more attractive to the kids come to school.



 decoration in classroom 8decoration in classroom 6 decoration in classroom 5 decoration in classroom 7

  decoration in classroom 2 decoration in classroom 3decoration in classroom 1

Christmas day and Happy new year is an event which the people on the world, usually celebrate every year. christmas day 2017

On 25 December 2016, Vogel school also celebrated Christmas day and ready to

welcome for New Year 2017 in a week.

.The kids joined in this event with their gifts for the teachers and friends

 May this Christmas end the present year 

on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year.

Here's wishing you a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 other activities 1 other activities 2 other activities 3 other activities 5 other activities 6 other activities 8


1- Racing bicycle game

   IMG 4700 IMG 4702 IMG 4708 IMG 4726

2- The egg on the spoon goes a head of the mouth

egg on the spoon 1 egg on the spoon 2 the egg on spoon egg on the spoon 3

3- Pumping the water to fill in the bottle

pumpig to fill in water 1 pumpig to fill in water 2 pumpig to fill in water 3 pumpig to fill in water 7




As seeing that our students have a difficulty with writing , so to improve their vocabulary study well, we decided to produce a kind of chalk writing board for them.

We will try to let them pratice writing vocabulsry at least twice a week. 

Hope this will be kept and used for this project and for the students of this generation and on.


In the morning of March 15th, 2016 Dr. Kawasaki visited at Ratanakiri and he brought with some presents for kids, like books and pens. And then he spent his full morning to share his experiences about electricity to the kids, such as the advantages of electricity which using daily and how to get the electricity power through sunshine, water, wind…. After he gave the presentation, the kids practiced with Sola installation.


 The teachers and students were very happy with the practicing and we would like to thank him very much. 

 And because of we have a problem with slideshow the photos and video clip so we would like to upload them later on. Thank you !

To paticipate to clean our inviroment clean, we should do it by starting from ourselves as a slongan said " Keep Our Country Clean Start From You ".

So at our school project we bought an oil container to make rubbishbins for our school, it is the first important thing that we should have for everyplace.

But if everywhere in the world no platic, the rubbishbin is probably no need.

So we all must start from oneself by not using plastic but we are able to use banana leaf instead, for example.


This new is what we want to show and teach, especialy to our children as well as the kids around the world to join in cleaning the inviroment around the places they living like home, school and everywhere.

Please kindly watch our photos.


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