Year 2013

Christmas day is a day which Jesus born. As he is a great and holy man in the world, so the people around this glob celebrate this tradition and they still keep doing it until the present day.

On 25 December 2013, Vogel school also celebrated Christmas day and we do it every year.

This year is the same as the previous year, we prepared Christmas tree with the different colors of bright light LED in it. We have snacks for children, a few games to welcome to the Christmas day arrived and let the children to select the gift for fortune.

Finally we all the teachers and children wish you A Merry Christmas!


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On 15 November 2013, a new study center, called The Lye Family Trust Learning Center, in FLOW in Ratanakiri province was celebrated the official inauguration ceremony of the 3 room building and land slope protection. The ceremony is presided over by His Excellency Nab Bunheng, vice governor of Ratanak Kiri province, Mr. Nuon So Thero, the executive director of FLOW, and Mr. Robert Lye, the great generous donor and Managing Director of Commercial Building Projects Pty. from Australia and there were also other representatives of provincial director.

Mr. Robert Lye and his son, first visit FLO RKI on 17th November 2012.

The students with their parents were very happy to joined in this celebration. They were holding the national flag to welcome arrival of our donor and the representatives.

For the beginning of the program the students sang the national song and blessing dancing to the participants

After the speech of Mr. Nuon So Thero about the build of both FLOW in Phnom Penh and Ratanakiri province through our lovely Mum Phaly, Mr. Thero also mentioned that since from the begging of FLO Ratanakiri, is the generous donation from Mr. Rick Dyck;

Mr. Rob Lye said in his speech to the participants about the reason of his decision to donate this study center. He reminded us about Mum Phaly that is one of great Cambodian woman who could bring him here. He said that Mum Phaly would be very happy to see this building if she had a life.

In his final speech, especially to the students that “the human resource is the key to develop the country”. So he wish Cambodian students would study and work harder to use their knowledge in develop their country progressively like the western countries.He promised to folow the project to see the progress.

After that they cut ribbon line to open the using of new building from that day.

H.E Nab Bunheng, Mr. Rob Lye, and Mr. Thero and some other representatives wrote into the golden record book to show that this building was opened to progress from now on.

The new school has three rooms, Vogel English Class, Vogel Computer Class and Administrative Office.



It is a great moment. On Monday morning , 14th October 1013 Vogel school gave the prizes to the students, especially the students who need to leave the primary school, Vogel school, and continue to middle school, for a memory where they used to have great donors, good friends and study.


The prize which we gave them are dictionaries, books, pens, pencils and rulers.

We noted that the students got the prizes are seven and five of them are ethnic minority. They are the clever students who work hard both at school and home, we could say.

Although It is a little prizes but it is what our school showed our mind to them as well as to next generation students who studying in our school to work harder.


 Grade KindergartenGrade 1Grade 2AGrade 2BGrade 3AGrade 3BGrade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grand Total
Schoolboy 09 42 19 17 21 19 37 33 30  
Schoolgirl  3 25  19 13 29 9 19 19 21  
Total  12 67 38 30 50 28 56 52 51  

      Students Percentage (%)

 48.69%  3.12%  4.16%  12.76%  22.39%  3.38%







We had some Japanese visitors, Gu-ssan (Mr. Norio Yamaguchi), Maru (Mrs. Ikue Tonegawa), Hiroto (Mr. Hiroto Ogawara 16yrs old), Ayano (Miss Ayano Ogawara 15yrs old), Nigel (Mr. Yuichi Ogawara), visited Vogel School on 26 August 2013. 

The students were waiting for the honored guests with the bunches of flowers, smiling and accompanied by the sound of clapping hands to welcome for their arrival.


They shared about their culture, their ancestor sprits and grave, festivals, the school life as well as the games with the kids



We also had a few songs, a moderm and classic song, especially a song called  កុំលក់ដី(Do not sell land) sung by a group of  the ethnic minority students of Vogel school . It means the land that was heritage of their ancesters do not sell to any private companies, as nowsadays there are many companies, China, Vietnam allowed by Cambodian government come to buy or take their land with illegal activities.



Filled in the bottle with water and breaking the mud jar are the popular games among Khmer children. They usually play these during Khmer happy new year and any other events such as the students play for a memory before the school has a long holiday .

After that they went to  Future Light Ophanage of Worldmate (FLOW) to see the computer room and the new school building. Finnally they were going on to Rainbow-Kawasaki primary school located at Ou Sinlai village.



At the end we all would like to give our deeply thank for visiting our schools.


 The well behind our school was dug during the school construction had been being built. The water from this well was very importantthe water comes out 1 because it was used to built the school and others, like for cleaning the floor, watering the small trees, vegetable etc.

But, seeing that this well is too dry to use in dry season, so on 21st of May, 2013 the school principal , the teachers as well as the other generous helping, the students’ parents, especially our donor, Mr. Rick, decided to restore it.

On Friday morning June 7th, 2013 the diggers came at our school. They worked on restoring from the morning until the afternoon. First they have some difficulty with digging because the ground is  too hard, but they used water to wet the ground. They dug and lift the ground up with the tank for many times. That day late afternoon the water in the well comes out.


Please have a look our children! They are very happy when they can use the water from this well again.

they are draining out the well 1they are draining out the well 2the water comes out 3 the well slosed by its cover

Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko came for Rainbow School 2013 Excursion Program. He visited Vogel School on 29 April 2013 with some gifts(2 Books and 1 Pen) for each student. All the students felt very excited when they saw the presence of Dr. and Madame again. While sharing the study gift to the students, Dr. Kawasaki gave students some advice to study hard.

All the students feel happy very much to have the books . 

Arrival of Dr. Kawasaki in Ratanakiri provinceDr. and Madame KawasakiA studednt getting pens from Dr. KawasakiThe students were happy to get hte books and pens

In the morning of Sunday, April 28, 2013.

Mr. Noun Sothero, manager of Flo, his wife and work staff at Phnom Penh. came FLO at Ratanakiri province to
 participate in the ceremony for new school construction opening for children orphanage .He also organized this ceremony follow the Buddhist way. He asked monks, old people to join and pray with us. At that time, we prayed all something happening in that time to our Mom Phaly (the former Founder and Executive Director of Flo), to live in the happiness world. At the end of the ceremony, he also gave clothes to old people and study materials to all the children living in Flo.

0102  04 06

In the evening of the same day Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kawasaki Kayoko also came from Japan and they visited and brought with fruits for the children in the FLO. They were very happy when they saw all the children are good healthy, full of smile. They also provided some advices to them to learn more and more for their bright future and help family and their country. After that they went down to see the new school construction field with us. He added that this is a big success to help children living in Ratanakiri province.

07 10 08 09

Here below we have a movie youbube which related to our activities with Opening of school construction.

Please kindly watch it !




To get more and more attractive among the students and a chance for them to practice their English; so we always ask or invite some volunteers who are having their holiday or the mission in Ratanakiry, to come to our school every year.

But for the beginning of the year, 2013 we just had two English females, Carmen and Blue, as volunteers at our school too. Once they arrived in Banlung on 25th March,2013 for s short vacation, they searched for a short term work through some website in Ratanakiri; they found our school and they asked for work as teaching English to the children. So our project manager, Mr. Sovann, decided to help them; We just help what we could.

On the day work they spent full day with us, morning and afternoon. They taught our children, the lesson they planed or what they remembered from their school. They taught many things, such as pronunciation, English song or games alike. But we just picked up some points that we think it is more important things to us.

27032013592 IMG 0572 28032013606 28032013604  

1-    Pronunciation though flash cards:

The teacher held the cards in their hands and showed the students the card one by one. The students said them in English if they could. If the student couldn’t pronounce it clearly, they help. They did it again and again three or four times. After that they asked two students, as volunteers come before the class to say ‘’what’s this?” and the rest told the word.

2-    Songs:

They taught the students a few short songs, such as ‘’ Twinkle, twinkle little star” or ‘’Baa, baa a black sheep” alike.

First they wrote the whole song on the board and let the students copy down at the same time. Then they pronounced the difficult word with its meaning word by word. When they knew that the students could sing it, they did it in the whole class or in a group. They did it until they could sing it by themselves.

3-    Game:

In the break time, they wished to know Cambodian game which popular among the children. 

4-    Movie youtube:

Here below we have a movie youbube which related to our activities with Mr. Carmen an Blue.

Please kindly watch it !


On March 26, March 2013 at Vogel School, with good cooperation and collaboration with CHA DAI COALITION, conducted one day training on The Convention on Children’s Right.

26-03-2013 26-03-201303 29-03-201304 26-03-201302

Attended by the school directors, teachers who teach at Vogel School and as well as participated by Mr. Mey Navy (Church and Community Prevention Training Project Manager).

Training aims at inspiring and stimulating the children to understand on their rights, changing the appearances (physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and social characteristics) and children’s needs.

More importantly, the training emphasizes on the four basic rights of “the convention on Children’s Right” as follow:

1-     Right to survive

All children have right to survive, right to have sufficient food, right to be well cared and also pay much attention from society.

2-     Right for Development

Every children have right to be appropriate educated both informal and formal education, high standard of living and development on ( mentality, emotion, morality and society)

3-     Right to be protected

Every children have right to be protected from dangers such as all aspect of exploitation, discrimination, and paying attention on the children in special needs and children who need immediate needs.

4-     Right to participate in the social activity

Every children have right to participate in the media, expressing their idea, opinion and also join in the social activity.

On Monday March 11, 2013 there was a group of doctors from Phnom Penh co-operated with the Ministry of education come to our school and other schools in Banlung, Ratanakiri province. They came for blood testing for the kids. They said that there is a kind of intestinal warms which always happen to the little children and it happens to the people living in the mountain area who are lack of sanitation. Especially to the minorities that it is always noticed that the most of them eat raw meat for their food. The intestinal warms might be living in the animal meat, especailly in the pork. When we eat raw meat or not properly cooked, it goes into the our body and then it might make us sick, particularly little girls or little boys. it gets more seriously when they are adult by their feet, breast or testicles become swollen.

student registration1 student registratio blood testing blood testing1

They added that if any boy or girl was infected by this type of virus, they will go to their own house and cure her until get well. Fortunately no one of the children in our school was infected.

Note: This blood testing is tested for only children who is below nine years of age.


The children advisor group is a group of students that was chosen from grade four to nine; and it has its leading structure and leaded by students themselves.

It is one kind of mechanization which encouraged the students to participate all the school development, society and they themselves to become a good child, good student, good friend.

It was made in order to teach children being responsible, love their tradition, nation, religion, culture, environment; give chance to them to say in public or work as a volunteer etc.

Whereas the children advisor group in our school, The Ezravogel school was produced for two years, school principal, Mr. Yeng said.The famous children from four and five grades were selected and they were divided into four groups to serve in four main points.

school principal join children advisor group trainer training children   

Among of those works, there are school dicipline, administration and finance, environment skill and sport-art.

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