On Saturday, November 28th, 2009. Our School has a great honor to welcome Mrs. Phaly Nuon, Mrs. Davy Ouk, Mr. Bora Chea , and Mr. Kyle.

guest_visit a_photo_of_Mrs._Phaly_Nuon_and_other_honorific_guests the_converstion_of_Mr._Kyle_and_children

Mrs. Phaly Nuon is a great executive director of the Future Light Orphanage of Worldmade in Phnom Penh. She spent her valuable time from Phnom Penh to visit our school in Ratanakiri province, and she also brought some dragon fruits to our children too. We were very happy to have a great chance to welcome


Here is a photo of the children were queuing two lines in front of the school. They were waiting for the great visitors, Mrs. Phaly Nuon and other generous guests.



From right to left Mrs. Phaly Nuon, Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Davy Ouk, Mr. Yang Yen, and Mr. Sovann Heng

Mrs. Nuon Phaly, she is an executive director of the Future Light Orphanage of Worldmade, Next to her is Mr. Kyle, he is a voluntee at the Future Light Orphanage, and Mrs. Davy Ouk is Mrs. Phaly Nuon's friend, Mr. Sovann Heng, he is a project coordinator and next to him is a school principle, Mr. Yang Yem .



Mrs. Phaly Nuon, she asked advice to the children about their studies and she had given many good advices to the children too. So EVS3’s student, they were really lucky to get her advices. Moreover, one of the students, she sang a special children song that she have learnt from her teacher to Mrs. Phaly Nuon .



Especially, she shared her generous kindness to give a nice and delicious dragon fruit to all the children. The children were happy to eat the dragon fruits.



After have given the fruits to the children, Mrs. Nuon Phaly had a meeting with the EVS3 staffs in the library. The meeting was talking about the progressive, effectiveness, and achievement of the children and also any processes how to lead the students to be successful in their future.



This is the achievement and courageousness of the children. They were practicing their English speaking with Mr. Kyle. They were talking nearly an hour about studying process and how to be an outstanding. Mr. Kyle satisfied with the children so much, he had given many good advices and helped them to practices their English. Actually, the children they have never had a special chance like this to practice their English for a long time ago. So they were very pleased and tried  their best to speak out something a lot with Mr. Kyle. In that day too, the kid named KHÊM VERAK had been singing the song to Mr. Kyle. He is well-known in our school.

Children Expectation : They do hope to have more opportunities to practice their English with foreigners to improve their speaking. We wish that we could have foreinger volunteers to come and help our school.