On 14th, October, 2010 in Ratanakiri Province celebrated the important event of cleaning up the environment or Clean Community Reflects Our Dignity. This event led by the department of Environment and controlled by the lecturers from the university and the teachers from all schools in the Province Centre and participated of the university students, high school students, scouts (boy and girl scouts) and other students from the primary school, especially our school also joined in this event too.  This event is really useful for all the people not only in Ratanakiri province but together in Cambodia and other countries to know about how to keep our environment clean and tidy all the time. It’s also the good sample of the people that they haven’t joined this event and to advise them to put the garbage into the trashcan, not in the road or anywhere untidy. As we have known, in Phnom Penh City has been performed very strictly to whoever that leave the garbage untidy everywhere have to fine 100,000 riels. So now Phnom Penh is very clean and tidy and the people will live with the comfortable health.