21 January 2013 in Ezra Vogel Special Skills School, held the gift giving event to all students who had The student getting giftparticipated for a competition in the role play of the story in 2012, but Rainbow-Kawasaki school in the winner of STEPS 2012 movie festival, for more information please read.

Having seen the school director participation as well who gave the gift to the school girls and boys in return with them who tried best to role play the story in last 2012.

Students and giftsHe also motivated to all school children to try to study hard with the hope that those children will bring the knowledge to work and also help the society development, and he also added that if we want someone knows us and our school that there are all of us have to try hard to study.

He finally thanks to Harry and all members of STEPS  who always support our school (Vogel and Rainbow school) every year. 


We all wish You and All friends with the happiness, and development all times.