From left to right: Miss. Phallin, Mrs. Kawasaki, Mr.Rick Mr. Sak, Mr.Kawasaki and Mr. Bora

On Tuesday, October 06th, 2009, there was a special visiting of the donors' group such as Mr.Rick Dyck, Mr and Mrs. Kawasaki, Miss.Phallin from Japan. They arrived the school at 2:00 PM. All teachers and students were waiting for welcoming to our great donors. Whereas students were standing in queue. Some students held banners and bunches of flowers to give them. Others red the slogans with Khmer and English languages.


From left to right: Mr. Sovann (Computer Teacher) and Mr. Kawasaki

Mr. Rick is the biggest donor in our school. He always takes care of us, especially he gave a special opportunities to all the EVS3 students to study not only Khmer, but also a better Computer, English and Chinese. Moreover, he supplied enough school’s materials for our school every year. Particularly, Mr. and Mrs. Kawasaki they also spent their valuable time to teach educational science. Talking about the science, all  EVS3 students were exciting at that day. Peculiarly, they have a good chance to practice rapidly in the class. Then the elder sister Phallin, she always paid close attention to our children. Therefore, EVS3's students are very lucky to have many good people to help.


From left to right: schoolboy, Samnang Davin and Mr.Kawasaki

Here is the result that clever students answered the Mr.Kawasaki'question correctly . The student named Samnang Davin. He was willing to answer the questions from his teachers. Actually, the purpose of this knowledge is to impel students to know about the value of the science. It's very pleased for them because all the students in Ratanakiri province beside the student of EVS3 and Rainbow School do not have chance to learn about a fantastic science from Mr. Kawasaki.This is the activity while Mr. Kawasaki was testing the science with Mr. Sovann and other outstanding students. The students were very active and really wanted to practice. This was showing about the Motor Process, how to run a Motor, and other component of things to become a Motor. At the end of the lesson Mr. Kawasaki and Mr. Rick, they had some questions to asked to the students and whenever they could answers the questions they would get a nice shirt for their gifts.


Mr.Rick Dyck, holding books with both hands

The activity of Rick Dyck was giving the book to all the EVS3 students. A nice book was given to all the students for their new academic year.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our great donors for their steps to Ezra Vogel Special Skills School. This is the second time that we are very lucky to learn the science lesson.

Written by Mr. Thy Kunthea and Mr. Sei Veasna

Photo by Mr. Sei Veasna