Birth, old, sick and dead are things that always happen to all creature in the world, no one except.

However Mum Phaly is one of a great Cambodian Woman, a great mother and leader who we have almost ever seen for Cambodia, was passed away. She is a beloved mother to us, especially to hundreds of orphan and indigent people of
Cambodia. She always love, live with us, feed us, and give us the hope, but by this time the brilliant light is gone, our mother gone, good person gone, gone forever, never return to see us.

Mum Phaly pictureMum Phaly relativesThe Monks join Mum Phaly funeral

She is passed away and leaves hundred hopeless children living without mother. Oh my Buddha, what a pity. Hundreds of small children that they have never known what is dead, but they all cry out from their pure heart when learned that they will never see their mother agian.

Whom they will rely on from now on?

Mum Phaly got a terrible accident when she was returning to Phnom Penh from visiting the children in Flo, Ratanakiri provine. She was sent to one hospital in Bangkok, Thailand after she was cured in Phnom Penh for a few days. Unfortunately she passed away on 28th November, at 9:20 AM, and her body was sent back to FlO Phnom Penh. The funeral was celebrated for seven days from 28th November to 4th December, 2012. At that time there were thousand of participators, especially all her children who left her for their own job.    

Mum Phaly childrenMum Phaly body Matching around Mum Phaly body

 Finally even though she is passed away, but her reputation and a great many works still live in our heart forever.

 We all wish her to rebirth in a happy world, Nirvana.