The children advisor group is a group of students that was chosen from grade four to nine; and it has its leading structure and leaded by students themselves.

It is one kind of mechanization which encouraged the students to participate all the school development, society and they themselves to become a good child, good student, good friend.

It was made in order to teach children being responsible, love their tradition, nation, religion, culture, environment; give chance to them to say in public or work as a volunteer etc.

Whereas the children advisor group in our school, The Ezravogel school was produced for two years, school principal, Mr. Yeng said.The famous children from four and five grades were selected and they were divided into four groups to serve in four main points.

school principal join children advisor group trainer training children   

Among of those works, there are school dicipline, administration and finance, environment skill and sport-art.

 1-      Sports and art:

-          The children need to keep school sport materials like balls, swings, etc,

-          Produce the thought in arrangement sport and art entertainment,

-          Cooperate with school principal to arrange the sport match field and materials in study and competition time,

-          Produce the field trip to any culture center or history area by cooperate with community,

Photo1 IMG 3602

2-      Environment skill:

-          Keep cleaning in and out of the classrooms,

-          burn out the rubbish,

-          Participate and manage cleaning in the bathrooms and WC,

-          Eat addition meal for any school has breakfast for children

-          Participate and manage planting tree and vegetable in the school area,

-          Manage school materials such as water tang, rubbish bins, etc.,

-          Produce entertainment and advertise about health, environment and life skills,

watering and looking after the vegetable cleaning in classroom cleaning around the school

cleaning wc burning out the rubbish The students cleaning the grass

3-      School discipline:

-          Educate children advisor groups and practice the discipline,

-          Advertise and educate three good points of students: good child, good student, good friend,

-          Have a meeting and total of all the student competition to three good point of students,

-          Check and arrange the student uniform and school rule,

4-      Administration:

-          Divide the student turn to be responsible when flag pray time,

-          Arrange general discipline of students

-          Manage the children advisor group document,

-          Take a responsibility to the student present lists and take them to the class and school office.       

Each groups of children have their own leader and followers and they need to carry out the work which the school principal indicated.