Korea International Cooperation Agency ( KOICA ) is one of the other organisations which cooperates with Cambodia government on many sections including with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to give chance for Korean people work in Cambodia as volunteers to complete their experiences.

It helps to support to Cambodia, especially to the schools in various provinces across Cambodia.

Recently in Ratanakiri province at Vogel school we have a volunteer. Her name is Jeon Eun Mi form KOICA. She helps on education of health care and art.

After her mission was over, and by seeing that our school is old, so she and her friends from other school spent their own budget to paint school wall and draw pictures on the wall.


Finally we would like to give our thanks to KOICA, especially Miss Jeon Eun Mi who volunteered to our school.

And we hope that we will have some volunteers to continue cooperating with our school.

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