Since October 01, 2011 till today, there have been many new students to enroll at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School. The other former students came early in the morning to clean their classes and school yard. They looked very happy when they saw their friends. The school principle Mr. Yem Yeng and the other teachers are responsible for the student enrollment. Every year for publish school enrollment  not allows students to pay money for their enrollment, otherwise their parents just bring the family record book and children birth certificate to confirm the teachers. We saw that all the teachers are very busy to arrange and rank the students in each class from kindergarten to grade 6 even the English and Computer class.

When students are being together in front of the school, Mr. Yem Yeng (School Principle) informed publicly the school enrollment to the students and advised them about the excellence of knowledge. He also proclaimed to the other students who haven't enrolled yet to enroll on time because we will start school sooner.

2011_2012_academic_year 6 2011_2012_academic_year 5 2011_2012_academic_year 2


This year all students still have to obtain with:

- New Academic student:

  1. Family record book
  2. Children birth certificate

- Transferred student:

  1. Certificated from the previous school principle
  2. The school record