the_breaver_student_is_reading_the_alphabetsOur school is now in the long vacation. This year is the second time that  we have prepared the Extra English Course during the long (summer) vacation (two months of period). All the students, they were freely to register to study from all grades and other younger kids from other schools are also welcome and allow to register to study, especially for the students and children who are still poor in English learning.

We selected three smart and top students from grade 6 and who are studying the Elementary course in our school to teach English for this English long vacation course. With this teaching they will get an experience of teaching English.

We arranged the students into three classes because we don't have enough classes for them to study. The amount of the students in each class, we have 19 or 20 students. All the students, they have class in the morning from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM because the three students that we selected to be teachers, they are busy to study mathematics from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM (Mat pre-study for grade 7).

This year we had 58 students registered as in the detail table below:

School Name Students
Ezra Vogel Special Skills School 47
Samdach Ov Samdach Me High School 01
Laban Siek Secondary School 10