Thursday, 25th June is a laboring day. All students from grade 3 to grade 6 were divided into 7 groups to cut grass in a limited domain which assigned by the school principal, Mr. Yem Yeng.

Now we are in raining season, then all students have laboring on every Thursday. We cut grass to clean up ours school environment,disperse the shelter of mosquitoes to prevent us from malaria. .
At the beginning of rainy season, Ours school mostly grow corn.

We have a small corn field right behind our school which planted by students.

But this year is difference from previous year, We do not let the land in front of the house generator stay free. Thus, We also crow corn there.

Another small corn field in front of the abandoned house generator.

From 30th of July, we will have two months of a long vacation (summer vacation), but few days before the vacation arrives, ours school always has a boiled corn party. Some students take the big pot, some bring firewood, some break firewood into small pieces to boil corn to eat.
Corn party of last year, we are honored that Mr. Thomas Lee, an American volunteer teacher, could stay with us to have corn together. Talking about corn we all miss Teacher Thomas Lee and Teacher Bunneang Or very much indeed. Teacher Bunneang is a great teacher of English, has transferred to FLOW at Phnom Penh.