Our school is now on the process of preparing short films to join the festival at the event of the school of Miraizu.

We started preparing the script for movie clip on 25 Oct 2010. Up to 29 Oct 2010 we finished 4 topics of movie as follow:

The above movies are base on the fact.

Need Help & Your contribution: please help us to edit the movie script. When editing please use the style (delete and add words in red). Please click on the bellow links to access those articles in google documents

Movie script on Google Doc:

The Activities of the Movie Processing

The movie processing today(November 03, 2010)  is started from 10 am to 12 pm about “My Attitude Changed After Entering the Vogel School”. All the actors are really paid their good attention while taking the movie. Moreover during the movie processing started, we saw much flock of bees come to join in this processing, it means that they are happy to come to bless us.

Credit for editors:

  • Mr. Piseth Ly
  • Mr. Vathana Savuth
  • Mr. Saratt Prim
  • Mr.Vanthou

Please let us know if I missed credit your name by contacting us.

Final Film:

The EnSharpen decoder is needed when you want to play Quicktime videos that were encoded with EnSharpen. Download here

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Science and Social Grade One Page 6-7

To be continues...