The School of Miraizu in Japan is going to have a film festival in December 2010.

The Ezra Vogel Special Skills School and the Rainbow Kawasaki School prepared 5 movies clips to joint this special event -- You can click on the below links to see and watch each movie in details:

  1. How do I learn computer hardware
  2. My attitude has been changed after entering Vogel School
  3. Sampeah Etiquette in Khmer
  4. Khmer New Year Celebration
  5. Malaria

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How Do We Produce This Movie


  1. Camera Digital Camera 720 DMC-FS2 ad Video Recorder
  2. A Simple Microphone as Sound Recorder
  3. A High Speed Computer (Mother Board:ASUS P7H55-M, CPU: Intel CORE i5-650, Memory: Elixir DDR3 2GB 1333MHz)


  1. Microsoft Window 7 Ultimate
  2. Camtasia Studio 7.1
  3. Xara Designer Pro 6
  4. Microsoft Sound Recorder (in Window 7)

Special Thanks:

Camitel (The Best Connections) Ratanakiri Province Branch, for upgrade our internet speed to 512Mb(download)/256Mb(Upload) without paying additional money, this make us possible to upload the big size movie to youtube and to our server.

Credit for movie script editor:

  1. Mr. Piseth Ly
  2. Mr. Vathana Savuth
  3. Mr.Saratt Prim
  4. Mr. Vanthou

Short Film Festival Result Announcement