On 16th, September 2010, all students and teachers from the four schools (Phum Thmey, Kroum Prash, Buthong, and Ezra Vogel) in Ratanakiri Province celebrated the new academic year opening paraded along the road from one school to another school. This parade was very useful and helpful so much to the people and students in Ratanakiri province who will start their new academic study to know about the New Academic Year Opening for this 2010-2011. The parade started from Phum Thmey Primary School to Kroum Prash, Buthong and finished at Ezra Vogel Special Skills Primary School. All the students were really active in that day and some of the students walked and some of them rode their bike. Before the parade was finished, all the students they need to be together at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School in order to take the drinking water and Cambodian Sandwich from their teachers.  

This parade was supported by the VSO (Voluntary Service Overall) in Ratanakiri province. This organization is working base on the educational field and located in Ratanakiri province.  Mrs. Lusita from Philippine is working in VSO with the position of Community Voluntary Councilor and her interpreter jointed in this parade with the teachers from the four primary schools.