We had some Japanese visitors, Gu-ssan (Mr. Norio Yamaguchi), Maru (Mrs. Ikue Tonegawa), Hiroto (Mr. Hiroto Ogawara 16yrs old), Ayano (Miss Ayano Ogawara 15yrs old), Nigel (Mr. Yuichi Ogawara), visited Vogel School on 26 August 2013. 

The students were waiting for the honored guests with the bunches of flowers, smiling and accompanied by the sound of clapping hands to welcome for their arrival.


They shared about their culture, their ancestor sprits and grave, festivals, the school life as well as the games with the kids



We also had a few songs, a moderm and classic song, especially a song called  កុំលក់ដី(Do not sell land) sung by a group of  the ethnic minority students of Vogel school . It means the land that was heritage of their ancesters do not sell to any private companies, as nowsadays there are many companies, China, Vietnam allowed by Cambodian government come to buy or take their land with illegal activities.



Filled in the bottle with water and breaking the mud jar are the popular games among Khmer children. They usually play these during Khmer happy new year and any other events such as the students play for a memory before the school has a long holiday .

After that they went to  Future Light Ophanage of Worldmate (FLOW) to see the computer room and the new school building. Finnally they were going on to Rainbow-Kawasaki primary school located at Ou Sinlai village.



At the end we all would like to give our deeply thank for visiting our schools.