On Monday March 11, 2013 there was a group of doctors from Phnom Penh co-operated with the Ministry of education come to our school and other schools in Banlung, Ratanakiri province. They came for blood testing for the kids. They said that there is a kind of intestinal warms which always happen to the little children and it happens to the people living in the mountain area who are lack of sanitation. Especially to the minorities that it is always noticed that the most of them eat raw meat for their food. The intestinal warms might be living in the animal meat, especailly in the pork. When we eat raw meat or not properly cooked, it goes into the our body and then it might make us sick, particularly little girls or little boys. it gets more seriously when they are adult by their feet, breast or testicles become swollen.

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They added that if any boy or girl was infected by this type of virus, they will go to their own house and cure her until get well. Fortunately no one of the children in our school was infected.

Note: This blood testing is tested for only children who is below nine years of age.