Since June 27, 2011 we have prepared the room for the computer class in FLOW branch in Ratanakiri. All the students from FLOW branch and Vogel school were very much helpful to prepare this room. They helped to paint the steel window bars, make the eletrical system inside and outside the computer class, and move the computers and anything from Vogel School the new computer class. During this preparing Mr. Sovann Heng, Mr. Mao, Mr. Nich Ukim, Mr. Kunthea, and Mr. Ratanak were really active to coordinate for this preparing. Mr. Moa, he is a very good construction worker in FLOW branch. He could make the steel window bars and insert them into the windows hole very well.

On July 03, 2011 we allowed the students to study in this new computer class. Even this room is small but it's very comfortable and secure. All the students were really happy to have a great chance again to study the computer in the nice place of this new computer class.

Below is the photo album of the new computer class: