Year 2014


On February 28, 2014 Mrs. Kawasaki Kayoko accompanied by Japanese students with some gifts like books, footballs, arrived in Banlung to visit the students at Vogel school. After greeting by the teachers and Students, they went into each class to see how of the students’ studying. At the same time as the teacher was teaching the students, Japanese students asked the questions about teaching methodology which the teachers in Cambodia are using to teach the students every day. By the way they want to get experiences in teaching as all of them will be the teachers for primary school very soon.

After they all came around the students in each room, they played games with our students.

Then they had a meeting with us about the cutler of living and studying of the students, especially on ethnic minority students that studying at our school. They found out a lot of information about students' difficulty and others through the school principal reporting directly. They felt surprised to what our school happening.

In the evening of March 1, Mr. Rick Dyck, Mrs. Kawasaki Kayoko and Japanese students went on to visit at FlOW. They walked around to see the new building, slopes, trees etc.


Finally he asked about the children study and let them study hard to get success in their life.

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On 15th February 2014 the children and the staff of Future light orphanage worlmate (FLOW) has joined in lady Nget Maly ‘visiting at SOS organization in Kachang village Ratanakiri.

FlOw as well as other organizations got a bag of rice, bean sourse, sugar and some other things.The children and staff also got some gift. We would like to give our deeply thanks to lady Nget Maly as well as oversea organizations which always care of living lives of our Cambodian children.

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On Monday moring 13 January 2013 , at Vogel school we distributed the gifts to the students who acted in the movies festival 2013. The school principal joined in this gift distribution. This year we had ten important actors and actress joined in the movies. Each of them got a bag, books, pens, pencils, rulers. They were very happy with a smiling to show their deeply thanks to the group of STEPS, especially to Mr. Harry that has a good hearted to help and distribute both budget and things to their school every year.

Here below in the link we would like to show you Japanese traditional game called, Acchi muite hoi which our children like to practice it almost every day. They said ” It’s a strange game we ever seen but we like it ”



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