On December 24th, 2009. Our school celebrated Christmas Eve. We brought 2 big tanks of cakes and 12 big bottles of cokes for students to celebrate this special day as well as to welcome the upcoming Christmas day.

Cake_Coke_for_celebration Gathering_photo_of_schoo_boy_girl
Before the Christmas celebration started, all the students had to finish their farm behind the school. Because they haven't finished their farm yet since last week. When they have already raised a ridge for growing salad, the school principle will lead them to grow salad. Actually, all the EVS3's students they usually do the farm through season year.
Farming School_farming

In recent year Cambodian people seem so popular to use and play white powder with good smell in many ceremonies, especially during Khmer New Year. As for our schools in almost every party and ceremony, they love playing powder with one another.

School_boy_girl_are_playing_with_powder_2 School_boy_Girl_are_playing_with_powder_1

The students were gathering in the computer room to to vote for the best Christmas card which drew by all students from grade 4 – 6. Before voting, they were freely to check up all the Christmas cards for their favorite and decided which one they love. When voting, they had to arrange a small piece of paper and put them into the poll box. When the children have already put their votes into the box, Mr. Sovann Heng was a committee in the competition to pick out the vote for the winner.

The_children_are_voting_in_the_Computer_room_1 Chidren_are_ready_to_vote The_celection

The selection was really fair, because all the Christmas cards were voted by their friends. The table below showing a number of students who got top vote.

No Name Photo Drawing Vote
1 Bun Tola Tola_who_got_top_vote tola_boun 21
2 Samnang Davin Davin_who_got_score davin_samnang 6
List of students who got 3 votes
No Name Vote
1 Ruos Panha 3
2 Ruos Ratanak 3
3 Kay Briyel 3
4 En Sophy 3

Here are the next photos of the vote winners


From right to left: Panha, Sophy, Ratanak, and Briyel

The table below is the number of students who got 2 votes
No Name Vote
1 Seng Sophealen 2
2 Sek Tanglay 2
3 Chay Sokhani 2
4 Oum Sovansokheng 2
5 Chuon Sreïsras 2
6 Kham Seïha 2


From left to right

  • First Line: Sokhani, Tanglay, and Sophealen
  • Second Line from left to right Seïha, Sovansokheang, and Sreïsras
The table below is the number of students who got 1 vote
No Name Vote
1 San Sreïpov 1
2 Leav Sovanlida 1
3 Ma Chhaïya 1
4 Sek Kimma 1
5 Mak Baureï 1
6 Siek Yi 1
7 Khem Virak 1
8 Chan Mari 1
9 Ngem Chaklem 1
10 Chen Chantrea 1
11 Chuon Sophak 1
12 Sek Lina 1
13 Li Savoun 1
14 Bun Savori 1
15 Lay Sitha 1
16 Preng Rani 1
17 Dauy Mali 1
18 Huo Kumchili 1


The students who got only one vote from their friends.They also got a nice shirts as a gift.

From Right to Left:

  • First Line : Savori, Sophak, Sitha, Chalem, and next Chalem is Chili.
  • Second Line : Siek Yi, Sreïpov, Rani, Lina, Kimma, Virak, Chhaiya, Baureï, and Sovanlida.

After selecting the top vote and giving gift to the achievers, all the students gather together at the English class to sing the Christmas song and dance the traditional Khmer song altogether.

The_children_are_standing_to_sing_the_song The_students_are_singing_Christmas_song The_stuents_were_dancing_1

At the end of the Christmas celebration, the students were taking the souvenir photos with their friends. Some of them holding the bottle of cokes, tanks of cakes, and glass of cokes. They were very pleased to take part in the Christmas celebration.

They_are_happy_with_their_drinking They_are_happy_with_their_drinking_2 They_are_taking_photo_together_2

Movie : Jingle Bells sung by Vogel Students

Movie : Christmas Song sung by Vogel Students

We EVS3 staffs would like to express our deep thank to Mr. Rick Dyck, Mr. and Mrs. Kawasaki, The School of Mirauzi, Mrs. Phaly Nuon, Ms. Phallin Chea, All stuffs of TCSJapan, and other generous donors. Without you all, we don't have today. Thus, we will try more to help the students to be succeed in their future.

Thank for your continuous support!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Year 2010!